• Creare your own app store, ringtones & wallpapers gallery, upload your favourite content to share with other Phoneky users.

  • Creating a Gallery is done in 2 steps easily. Just click the "Creare a Gallery" link on Phoneky Play Store main page.

    Your gallery will be listed in the Phoneky Play Store directory after you've created it. You can decide if your gallery will be public or private. If you make it private, a visitor who wants to subscribe to your gallery has to be approved by you or your gallery moderators.

  • Gallery creator is responsible from the activity of the Gallery. If you create a Gallery, you have to administrate it and make sure all activity is legal. For example if a subscriber of your Gallery uploads a content which is against our terms and conditions, you have to delete it as soon as possible.

    Our moderators are monitoring all gallery activities so if they see an inappropriate content, your Gallery will be deleted and your account will be banned. If you don't want to take the risk, make your Gallery private from preferences menu. This way only the people you allowed can subscribe to your Gallery and upload content.

  • Remove / Ban subscribers, approve or reject new subscription requests.
    Edit/ Delete files, change file descriptions, upload files, approve or reject uploaded files.

  • If you are are the Gallery 'creator' you can select moderators and grant special permissions (like approving new subscribers, editing or deleting content, etc).

    Go to Subscribers, and find the person you want to attend as a moderator. As a Gallery creator, you can remove this permission later.

  • There are 2 type of Galleries, public and private. You can subscribe to public Galleries without Gallery creator's approval. You can find Galleries of your interest from directory or by searching.

  • If you no longer want to be a subscriber of an Gallery then go to ''Subscribed Galleries'', find that Gallery, select "Subscribed" button and select ''Leave Gallery''.

  • You can change a Gallery's name in "Settings" menu but you can't change the identifier of your gallery which was defined when you've created it.

  • If you want to disable your Gallery then go to "Gallery Settings", check ''Disabled'' and select ''Update''.

    You can enable it again from same menu.

  • - Maximum file size allowed is 10MB.
    - Supported file formats are image (JPG, GIF, PNG), Android Games, Apps (APK), Audio/Ringtones (MP3)
    - Your phone's default browser or your Operating System version may not support uploading files, in that case you can use a 3rd party browser like Chrome /Opera or your PC to upload files.
    - Uploading adult or illegal content like cracks, warez, porn etc is strictly FORBIDDEN!
    - All uploaded files are checked by our admin. If you upload such content your Gallery will be deleted and your account will be banned.

  • Yes you can. Simply type these addresses in your Web Browser:
    Phoneky: https://phoneky.com/
    Phoneky Play Store: https://app.phoneky.com/

  • The framework technology we are using to build your Gallery allows them to run as an Android, IOS and WEB app .. Framework detects the visitors browser and serve Android / IOS / WEB versions according to their platform.

    We'll provide you the Android and IOS version of your Gallery for FREE soon along with ability to earn money from your galleries by putting Admob ad codes in them..

    We'll give priority to most popular Galleries first, so start populating your Gallery with quality content now.